So you made it to my website? You’re probably expecting some long-winded explanation about my life and work. Well, I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. But, between us, I like thinking outside the rectangle (Exhibit A).

I started out as a writer. At Choose901 — a lovely local blog about my hometown, Memphis — I had the tremendous chance to right about the city. I officially have more than 300 posts on the Choose901 website. I started working and writing there in 2014 during my first semester at the University of Memphis. My work with Choose901 has lasted longer than my initial major in college, the news-side of journalism. Now, I have a different career plan.

Currently, I am still in the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media at the U of M, concentrating in Advertising. I am also pursuing a minor in Marketing Management. I’m sure you’re desperate to know why (Otherwise you would have probably stopped reading by now). Well, I shall remedy your curiosity.

I love businesses. It’s that simple. I love entrepreneurs, inventors, and especially chefs and bakers. One day I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could help these amazing people who make products the make our lives incredible while still getting to create something?” Yes, it would. So, now I have learned about this cool industry that encompasses marketing, advertising, Public Relations, and creativity. All for the purpose of assisting businesses in getting and keeping customers. Eureka!

Here I am: A junior in college, working as a marketing intern at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporate Communications. I’m already lucky enough to get a taste of what I want to do and you’re still here reading my bio (Bio as in “biography” not “biology” nor “biohazard”). Thanks for that. You seem like a cool person. Or maybe you just like reading. Either way, thank you.

Now that you know a bit about me, welcome to my kingdom (Website). Take a tour, check out some writing, design, maybe even my résumé. Whether you stay or are annoyed and want to stop reading about this weird college kid, I hope you enjoy my website.