Why to Love Chance the Rapper + Chance the Rapper Pin


I love Chance the Rapper.

I made this Chance the Rapper pin using colors from Coloring Book and his iconic #3 hat. I did this project just because I wanted to.

I really wanted to create something simple to reflect Chance’s brand and I just love his colors. But, there are a lot of reasons to love Chance. Here’s why he’s awesome.

1. Chance’s Musical Revolution.

His music is amazing, his artistry is incredible, but he is a revolutionary entrepreneur. He created an album outside of labels and released it to stream for everyone to listen.

Coloring Book became the first streaming-only album to open in the Billboard 200 and it was in the top 10. Because of its success, the Grammy’s have changed their rules to allow Chance’s songs and album qualified for nominations.

This is a musical revolution. He has changed the way music will be broadcast. Streaming has been around for a while now, but nobody has released an album that is streaming only with such success.

2. Chance’s Brand Image.

Chance has built a new brand of music. His brand is instantly recognizable. That’s why I wanted to play around with his Coloring Book colors. His brand will be huge. Chance already is much bigger than one album — listen to his mixtapes 10 Day and Acid Rap if you haven’t already (they are available for free online).

Outside of music, Chance knows how to use social media marketing too. His branding is visible and he is personable on Twitter and Snapchat in particular (his Snapchat name is Chance the Snapper).

His brand is completely different from other rappers. You could say it’s similar to Kanye, but he’s still different from Mr. West. He uses some of the same techniques, but with his own flavor, which makes him unique.

3. Chance’s Marketing Madness.

He got his fans to promote his songs and get them on local radio stations through a campaign he is still running. He built a website rapperradio.com to help his fans contact radio stations and promote his music. Brilliant.

He engaged his fans (or target audience) with an engagement campaign which promotes his album to others and could get his album on radio waves which will attract even more fans. Amazing.

Check out a great article about Chance the Rapper on Billboard.com.

Basically, Chance is awesome. The end.

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